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Vernissage precious unique jewelry collection

Flower Crowns

( Vernissage )

Artist studio philosophy

The philosophy of the KuenstlerAtelier edelbluete is to present the art precious unique collections designed/visualized on the luxury level and to sell them as a unique rarity. We are a pure design studio. Our art precious unique jewelry collections are custom–made in a 3D program. These art precious unique jewelry pieces stand out for their extraordinary unique character and their filigree crown frames. There are natural, certified diamonds {(white & colored)} bordered to GIA & IGI. The art precious unique jewelry collections are created in three different noble lines, which are available in our art precious unique jewelry brochures. This extravagant art precious unique jewelry is to be regarded as a lover jewelry and investment. The KuenstlerAtelier edelbluete is open for cooperation with jewelers and diamond traders. If you have any questions about our art precious unique jewelery collections, art precious unique jewelry datasheets and art precious unique jewelery brochures, you can contact us by email: art–precious–unique–jewelry–collections@kuenstleratelier–edelbluete.de.

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