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Crystal glass blossom Queen´s Blossom — un rêve

Queen´s Blossom

( un rêve )

Artist studio philosophy

The label of the KuenstlerAtelier edelbluete, whose name comes from the botanical, is metaphorically a reminder of noble roses in white, rose-gold shades of perfect beauty. The crown of flowers, uniting the noble and filigree in its perfection, aspects whose interaction unfolds in duality - the striving for natural perfection and pure luxury. Enveloped by this duality, the rarities of our unique art jewellery collections are surrounded by a diamond, golden aura, whose wonderful, ethereal charisma is reflected in all our unique art jewellery rarities.

The KuenstlerAtelier edelbluete is a studio of pure luxury and noble art. This is where the extraordinary, extravagant art deluxe unique jewellery collections are created, designed, constructed and visualised for each of these three lines of nobility. The diamonds to be set {( white & colored )} are certified by international, recognized institutes {( GIA, HRD & IGI )} - each one of them with an excellent reputation. They are checked and compiled by my renowned diamond expert Karlheinz Grünewald from Berlin for my art deluxe jewellery/crystal glass blossoms.

Every noble line is a brilliant custom–made product and an expression of perfect precision. In keeping with the artist's studio philosophy, there will be exactly one copy of each of these lines - while retaining its unique character. I present and sell the noble lines of my unique artistic jewellery collections as rarities, the production of which is only commissioned by me when you place your order.

Crystal glass architecture

( artistés studio vision )

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