Artist studio edelbluete

Edelunikat Flower Crown 2nd – construction visualization

Edelunikat Flower Crown 1st

( artist studio construction )

The artist´s studio edelbluete, a studio for the creation of wonderful, luxurious rarities, has an excellent reputation and a golden, diamond signature, reflected in its extravagant, enthusiastic fine art jewelry collections and crystal glass flowers. The creation of visionary precious lines is metaphorically equivalent to the blossoming of a champagne–golden rose of noble origin, from a simple bud to a flower shining in perfect beauty. Each precious line, created in starlight, formed in pure gold, encircling the finest diamonds and shimmering in crystalline light. The artistically unique pieces of jewellery, which originate from my creative art, are a composition of noble crown architecture — with specially conceived/constructed gemstone settings — and eccentric shapes, both of which resonate the ethereal and the earthy at the same time.

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