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Edelunikat Flower Crown 2nd – construction visualization

Edelunikat Flower Crown 1st

( artist studio construction )

The freelance artist studio edelbluete has dedicated itself to the extraordinary, unique jewelery (rarities). In its entirety, the design process of artist studio is differentiated into conception, construction and visualization. The fine jewelry is an arrangement of Edelunikate, Edelzwillinge and Edelkompositionen, which are described by themselves under »precious unique jewelry«. Each precious piece of jewelery — be it a brooch, a ring or a pair of earrings — is a masterpiece in itself. They are elaborate, in precision constructed 3D-models, which are distinguished by the aspects of the filigree and the versatile.

  1. uniqueness

    For our precious jewelry we design three different designs. Each of the designs shines with avant-garde styling and a variety of mountings.

  2. preciousness

    The fine jewelery collections are 20 kt (900/000) yellow gold and 20 kt (900/000) white gold visualized. Our customers are free to select from other 20 kt gold alloys (rose and red gold).

  3. rarity

    We select the diamonds that reflect the characters for our fine jewelry collections. High-quality, untreated diamonds (white and colored) with certificates from leading institutes (GIA | IGI) are always included.

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